Aviation Architects Meet the Needs of Fixed-Based Operators

New construction and remodeling are ways to keep infrastructure meeting our needs, and fixed-base operators are no exception. Their unique needs can range from hangars for private aircraft and maintenance areas to office spaces and lounges for pilots. They need an experienced aviation architect, a personalized approach, appropriate for Colorado weather, and support for the whole project. Carol Vaughan Designs & Architecture (CVDA) has assisted clients’ unique needs like FBOs' aviation architecture needs for over 20 years.

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Aviation Architect

Every project receives the knowledge that comes with over 20 years of experience with architecture. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer service. We don’t just design a building, we design a space and create the environment the client wants.

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Personalized Approach

FBOs in Colorado need an architect who can mesh clients’ aesthetic desires, the site's needs, and current regulations. We sit down with every client to fully understand their desires and the options for the space. From initial consultation to project completion, it is our goal to meet all your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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Aviation Architecture for Colorado

Colorado weather can vary immensely. There can be extreme temperature fluctuations combined with the possibility of high winds and heavy snowfall. CVDA is located in Windsor, Colorado giving firsthand knowledge of the weather in Colorado. This combined with 20 years of experience in aviation architecture means we can make the right material and design choices so your structures will be able to withstand any weather.

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Support the Whole Process

CVDA will be there from beginning to end. We support clients with initial architectural design including aviation architecture. CVDA makes sure all designs are completed as intended with full construction administration and finishes projects with interior design services.

Carol Vaughan Designs & Architecture provides architectural design for a variety of projects. Every project benefits from an experienced aviation architect with a personalized approach to Colorado’s weather from start to finish.

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