Four Services We Offer

At Carol Vaughan Designs & Architecture in Northern Colorado, we strive to provide our clients with exceptional services that meet their unique needs. From architectural design to interior design, here are four services we offer to help bring your vision to life:


1. Architectural Design

Our team of experienced architects work closely with you to create a design that meets your specific needs while following your desired aesthetic. We consider all factors, such as local zoning laws, environmental concerns, and site constraints that could affect the project. We specialize in custom home design, commercial architecture, renovation, and remodeling.


2. Interior Design

Our interior design team understands that every client has unique preferences. We provide a range of interior design services, including floor planning, furniture layouts, space planning, millwork design, lighting, art and accessories, color consultation, and design for sustainability. Our team will help you create a beautiful, functional, and comfortable living space that suits your lifestyle.


3. Construction Administration

We provide full construction administration services, ensuring compliance with the design intent and construction documents throughout construction. We work hand-in-hand with contractors during the entire construction process, ensuring that the construction meets the established design quality and continuing quality control and quality assurance services.


4. Aviation Architecture

Aviation architecture is a specialized sector that requires expertise and precision. At Carol Vaughan Design & Architecture, our team values industry experience and incorporates it into the services we provide. We provide a range of services, including planning and design, construction administration and management, interior design and finishes, and sustainable designs. Contact us to discuss your next aviation architecture project!

Carol Vaughan Designs & Architecture offers a range of services aimed at providing our clients with a satisfying experience. From architectural and interior design services to construction administration and project management services, we strive to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment in the Northern Colorado area and experience our exceptional service standards.

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