What Are the Different Types of Architecture?

Architecture is a versatile field that offers a wide range of design disciplines that cater to different needs. At Carol Vaughan Designs & Architecture in the Northern Colorado area, we believe in comprehensive architectural design, and our team has expertise in various architectural styles. Here's a look at some of the different types of architecture you will find at our firm.


Classic Architecture

Classical architecture is a design style inspired by ancient Greek and Roman architecture. This architectural style is characterized by symmetry, balance, proportion, and the use of columns, arches, and pediments. We pay keen attention to the details that define classic architecture and implement them in the designs we create.


Contemporary Architecture

Contemporary architecture is a modern design style that prioritizes form, function, and sustainability. This style is characterized by technological innovations and a focus on energy efficiency. Our team understands the importance of contemporary architecture and integrates sustainable design principles into our work.


Traditional Architecture

Traditional architecture refers to building designs that are steeped in cultural and historical significance. This style can include any design that is intended to evoke a certain time period or place. At Carol Vaughan Designs & Architecture, our team values the cultural significance of traditional architectural design and works to ensure that our clients' design goals are achieved.


Transitional Architecture

Transitional architecture blends traditional and contemporary design elements to create a balance between old and new. This style often incorporates subtle nods to traditional architecture while implementing modern design techniques. Our team excels with transitional designs as we can customize the perfect balance of both worlds depending on our client's style preferences.

Each type of architecture offers a unique approach to building design. At Carol Vaughan Designs & Architecture, we cater to different architectural styles and use our expertise to create beautiful, functional designs that best suit our client's needs. Contact us in Northern Colorado today to discuss your architecture project and let us help bring your vision to life.

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