It’s vital to partner with an architecture firm who can wade through design and the functional aspects of your upcoming commercial architectural project.

When it comes to commercial architecture, you want a building that both stirs the senses and looks incredible, while being able to accommodate a large number of people and operate fluidly.   

That is the niche and objective of a commercial architect.

Carol Vaughn Designs + Architecture is a Windsor-based architecture firm that serves the greater Northern Colorado region. Whether you need commercial architecture, remodels, or interior design — you can find it within our walls and under one roof. Venture into the value of hiring a commercial architect in today’s musing.

The Commercial Architecture and Your Project

If you’re planning a new build or renovation, the undertaking is great with any commercial project — you want someone you can trust and rely on. Throughout the project, there are many unknowns and an architect is someone who can help you through any bumps along the way.

Because they are highly skilled and offer expertise in both design and function of a building, they are unique in that they can be your confidant in every stage of the project — from creating a blueprint to helping the entire project come to fruition.

Architects take the vision you have and reflect it back into a commercial building that everyone can enjoy, together, in one fluid package.  

Let’s explore more in-depth of the true value in hiring a commercial architect.

Translators of Design

Architects are a conduit and the person standing between you and seeing your commercial project come to completion. They are excellent communicators and they maneuver through the design process by getting to know you and the problems you face with this building.

Listening is also a key component, and this skill is often neglected in our culture. So often people nod and indicate cues that they’re listening when really they’re planning their response or just trying to get through the conversation as quickly as possible.

This only does a disservice to a client because to manifest and bring to creation a large commercial project, listening is critical.

Elevated Design

Taking your ideas and translating them into design, again, is what great architects do. Hiring an architect is the heartbeat of your commercial project as they tackle schedules, budgets, zoning requirements, and building codes — an architect in a non-negotiable.

Implemented Best Practices

While another architect comes with a host of benefits, hiring a commercial architect with experience is sometimes better. Seasoned architects have an expert design and know the best and up-to-date practices intimately that they bring with each new commercial project.

When an architect can move effortlessly into the project with organization and a detailed finesse, it brings peace of mind and a clear vision, thus taken the burden off the clients.

Innovative Solutions

One of the biggest issues commercial architects face is operating in big spaces with a small budget. So, innovative solutions are required. With detailed planning, research, and knowing the space, the architect is able to quickly identify concerns and implement strategies where design and function can thrive.    

Investing in the Future

When you partner with a premier architecture firm, you invest in your building’s future — great design withstands time and may even add monetary value to the structure. When you invest in great design, you invest in longevity and resale value.

Sustainable Building Methods

More than ever, a call for renewable energy and materials is at an all-time high, and architects know this. In good design, commercial architects are able to maximize natural light to save on electricity and implement renewable materials to ensure a long term future of the building all while lowering the operating costs.

Cultivate Trust and Ease

Architects are advocates for your vision and they cater to your best interest. Throughout the project, the architect works closely with engineers, contractors, and consultants and is the facilitator that can make decisions on your behalf.

An architect, when all is said and done, brings ease to the daily project — they make difficult decisions and interact with all the major professionals, only to keep the project and vision moving forward.

An architect has true value amongst commercial building projects, as we explored above.

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